Experience the timeless charm and enduring legacy of the Parent Trap film series with Hayley Mills. The only full length feature documentary series on the Disney films. Discover all-new stories, interviews, and behind-the-scenes insights from the cast and crew from the Parent Trap films. Learn about the history of the German book which was the basis for "The Parent Trap". Join us as we celebrate Walt Disney's 1961 film and its beloved made for TV sequels from 1986-1989.

It all started with the German Story - Das Doppelte Lottchen

The Parent Trap Film Series

A series focusing on the 1961 Parent Trap film and its various 80s sequels, including 'The Parent Trap II', 'Parent Trap III', and 'Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon'. The portfolio showcases all-new stories and interviews from the cast and crew, including Hayley Mills, Susan Henning, Joanna Barnes, directors Ron Maxwell, Mollie Miller, and more. It also features a special tribute to Bridgette Andersen, with stories shared by Carrie Hiem and Tresea Andersen. Most people don't realize that if it were not for the German author, Erich Kastner who wrote "Das Dopplete Lottchen" (The Double Lottie) we would have never had "The Parent Trap" series. Erich's book was the insperation for "The Parent Trap" which the film was based on.

First Appearance of Camp Inch Girls In Over 60 Years!

In episode 1 we highlight a rare appearance of the uncredited Camp Inch Girls, including Kay Cole, Lynette Winter, Luana Jackman and Barbara Hunter. It showcases their involvement in the Parent Trap film series and their reunion after over 60 years. Stories and anecdotes shared by the Camp Inch Girls about their experiences on set.

Director Ron Maxwell's - The Parent Trap II

In this portfolio item, director Ron Maxwell, who directed 'The Parent Trap II', shares his insights and behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the sequel. Maxwell provides a unique perspective on the creative process, challenges faced, and the impact of the film on the Parent Trap franchise.

Interview with Hayley Mills & Many More

We have exclusive interview with Hayley Mills, who played the iconic role of twins in the 1961 Parent Trap film. It includes in-depth conversations with Mills about her experiences working on all of the films, her thoughts on the sequels, and her reflections on the legacy of the Parent Trap franchise. Aaron Pacentine (left) (creator/producer of "The Legacy of The Parent Trap" series stands with Hayley Mills. (right)

A special special tribute is paid to Bridgette Andersen who passed away in 1997, the wonderful actress in 'Parent Trap II' in the second film in our series. It features stories and memories shared by Carrie Hiem, who played Nikki Farris, and Tresea Andersen, Bridgette's mother. The tribute honors Bridgette's talent and contributions to the Parent Trap film series.

Mollie Miller's Directorial Journey
Directing Parent Trap III / Final Installment

We highlights the journey of director, Mollie Miller, who directed 'Parent Trap III' and 'Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon'. It showcases Miller's experiences working on the sequels, her approach, rare stories never before heard on-camera. and the unique elements she brought to the Parent Trap film series.

Special Tribute to Bridgette Andersen

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Discover the legacy of The Parent Trap film series and the stories behind the iconic movies in "The Legacy of the Parent Trap series".

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